Hajj Journey - 17 (the End)!

By: Imam Shamsi Ali *

Editor: Sudono Syueb

The natural journey is full of obstacles. From the beginning of its creation, humans were challenged by Satan, that he (daknatullah) would seriously derail it.

then once again, It is truly a demand for humans to build the same awareness and commitment to fight and fight Satan and his armies. All of that is symbolized in the procession of Muzdalifah and Mina.

in the end after all the processions get along well, Ihram, Tawaf, Sa'i, Wukuf, Tahallul are finished and all that is required has also been carried out well, the Hajj has automatically been completed.

far and holy journey that has passed all phases and twists. on the way there is a frenzy, intentionally or not, all of them will find the challenge as a trial for him.

Now only one more ritual procession that should be performed by pilgrims. namely Tawaf Wada 'or Tawaf Goodbye to the haram city or holy land. almost became the consensus of the scholarship that this Tawaf became one of the obligatory hajj.

This journey has a beginning and there is definitely an end. it began with Ihram and now ends with Tawaf Wada '. begins with the sanctity commitment, returning to the origin which is not detracted (disturbed) by the hustle and bustle of the temporary world. Now it ends with Tawaf around the Kaaba.

as has been said that Tawaf is a symbol of the continuous journey of the world. movements that undergo rotation. The symbol of life that is constantly undergoing "change".

Life is still alive as long as there is movement and change. instantly changes and movements stop, then life ceases. hence one of the challenges of human life is always being ready to anticipate the movement and change.

Humans in dealing with this change are only in two possibilities. Become part of the change, even become an agent of change. or become an object and victim of change. The Koran naturally remembers: "Surely Allah does not change the fate of a people / nation until the people / people make changes to themselves".

in a global world characterized by "unimaginable" speed and at a certain level of "unbearable" (unpredictable and uncontrolled) this change is also so fast and often uncontrollable.

hence the pilgrimage teaches that change for the sake of change must be anticipated endlessly. so that in the end the changes and movements will remain around the Kaaba.

Wada's tawaf actually symbolizes the urgency of humans to always build awareness and commitment at the end of this sacred journey (life) which will end with closeness to the Baitullah. not far from the House of God, a place of service throughout life.

Wada tawaf is a symbol of that response to Allah's warning: "Don't die except in a Muslim state". That at the time of leaving the Land of Haram, certainly ended with Tawaf around the Kaaba.

such a situation is the dream of every believer. that in the end when they will leave Baitullah (earth), where they have focused their devotion all this time, they remain around holiness (God and truth).

leave the world (die) in such conditions That is what is called "Husnul Khatimah". and that is the dream of every believer.

"Allahumma urzuqna husnal khatimah".

With this I also end this Hajj note with "Husnul Khatimah". May the Hujjaj be blessed with Hajj Mabrur. inshallah the reply is none other than heaven. Amen

New York, August 19, 2019

* President of the Nusantara Foundation / Nusantara USA Travel.

Photo: The atmosphere of worshipers at Mina

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