Become Dialogical Parents Like Prophet Ibrahim

Sudono Syueb

(Lecturer of FIKOM-UNITOMO, Surabaya) As parents, we should always dialogue with our families both wife / husband and our children so that two-way communication occurs. in communication, it is called humanist interpersonal communication or dialogic communication.

 Communication is the basis of democratic feelings, thoughts and attitudes. And this kind of personal communication has been taught by the Prophet Ibrahim to us Muslims so far.
Deputy Chairman of the East Java Muhammadiyah Region (PWM) Dr. H Moh. Sulthon Amien MM stated, there is a lesson to educate children that can be learned from the story of the Prophet Ibrahim AS to add children to the descent of Allah's command to sacrifice Ismail, his son.
"Prophet Ibrahim as a parent was able to educate his son Ismail to become a pious child," he said in the Friday Sermon at Al Badar Mosque Kertomenanggal IV / 1 Surabaya (9/8/19) as reported by PWMU.CO 10/8 2019.

Sulthon further explained, the first lesson was that the Prophet Ibrahim AS always prayed for his son Ismail to be a pious child. The prayer of Ibrahim for his son is as recorded in the Qur'an Assaffat verse 100.

"The Prophet Abraham prayed: Rabbi habli minas shalihin. well, that prayer was really answered by Allah SWT, "he explained. The meaning of the prayer is: "O my Lord, grant me (a child) who belongs to the righteous."

Then, are parents who already have grandchildren also still required to pray for their children like that? "The answer is yes," he stressed.

So, he invited parents to pray for their children at any time as the Prophet Ibrahim because in the prayer there are hopes and dreams. "When we pray try to imagine our children. God willing, our children become pious children, "he explained.

sulthon continued, the second lesson was when Abraham dreamed of receiving orders from Allah to sacrifice (slaughter) Ishmael.

"After receiving the dream, Prophet Ibrahim invited his son Ismail to have a dialogue related to the decreasing order of Allah SWT to sacrifice it. and, Ismail obediently accepted Allah's command with sincerity, "he explained.

So, he called on, so that every parent could take the time to invite children to dialogue or discuss. "Don't we just give advice. Invite our children to dialogue, "he said.

unfortunately, Sulthon revealed, today many children seem to be orphaned, even though they still have parents, namely father and mother.

"Sometimes the function of the two parents seems to be absent. Because his father and mother are busy at work. The child is entrusted to the maid. parents come and go to work when the child is asleep. There is not the slightest dialogue between people and children. So many children have lost their parents' figures, "he explained.

Then, what if parents come when the child falls asleep? sulthon recommends that parents at least wipe the child's head and greet. "Convey our apologies. Encourage our children to dialogue even though they are asleep, "he exclaimed.

Sulthon revealed, Prophet Ibrahim never gave appreciation to Ismail. but what the Prophet Ibrahim said was heard. "That's because there is a good dialogue between Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail. So what Ibrahim said was heard by Ismail, "he explained.

He reminded parents to be able to be friends vent their children. "If the children do not have friends to share at home. So, the children confide in his friends. So don't let us neglect the relationship between parent and child, "he said .

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