Al Ghozali Wants To Be A Qadi State

By: Sudono Syueb My good friend said, there was money in the past. Maybe what is meant is that some people can get service first (disit) because they give money to their officers. while those who did not give money had their services terminated, they were even told to return tomorrow and tomorrow.

Perhaps there has also been a tradition in the education institution like that, in the past. There is a dear student money ...
There is no money in the student being kicked / kicked out.
Something like that was experienced by little Al Ghozli, who was expelled by his Shaykh from Dayah where he was pursuing religious knowledge, because his supplies ran out ...

Has anyone read the biography of Al Ghozali, who was expelled from Dayah because he had run out?
My friend far away in the slippery Stone, South Kalimantan, which is also Ghozalian, not yet.
fine, i continue the story,
Al Ghozali was driven out by his teacher, which was the turning point of Al Ghozali's intention to seek sincere knowledge simply because God turned into pragmatic ...
He whimpered, why poor people should not be lodged and smart.
To be smart, means to be rich. then he wants to become rich
 How? He had to study Islamic jurisprudence / law so that he could become a judge / qodhi of a country with a large salary. At that time, being a fiqh expert was the goal of many young people to become judges / qadhi.
Ghozali then looked for a fiqh expert teacher. Could. can go to school, pay after graduating and already working.
For several years he studied fiqh diligently. Was successful. He reached his goal, he became an expert in fiqh / law and in the future he became a Qadi country with a large salary. He became rich and very famous.
at the peak of his glory, he could not feel the pleasure of the position of n abundant wealth, his soul was arid, he experienced an inner turmoil. This is her second turning point
 He left the Qadhi position he had dreamed of since he was young and his property was also left behind. He lives poor and suffer. from this second turning point, he then knows in the minarets in his city, until his masterpieces are born. Among them, Ihya 'Ulumuddin

So do we have to experience life events like Ghozali to be able to mengGhozali?
I don't think it should be ...
from childhood rich can also mengghozali ...
Having a high and wealthy position can also, without having to retire early and impoverish yourself and suffer.
 Then don't be like my friend in Yogya first. He is an admirer of Ghozali and wants to dig. Then he left college and went to the cottage. last I got word, he failed so the cleric could not go back to college to finish college.

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